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It’s a disgrace, but who owns the land that the orangutans are in, could a group by the land, something needs to be done, I know a few companies have stopped using palm oil in their products but it is in so much stuff still. I try my best to avoid it but it’s really hard. There are plenty of people out there who have real influence, big voices and know which doors to bang on – they could at least switch to palm oil that has been environmentally sourced. We as humans have no right to harm these beautiful animals in the name of our own gain. This has to stop. Contact food companies and ask them to stop using palm oil. We need to replant the trees, This is what humans do to animals and its habitats! Boycott palm oils and its products like ramen noodles.

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Pellet gun apparently, would have been more humane to use something lethal than keep using that. I guess they figured the orangutan would fear the pain and not return. It’s horrible and sad we are taking habitat from so many species and ate too blind to realize how quickly it’s happening. Why don’t the government make it law that all products containing palm oil must specify it so people can make the conscious effort to avoid it? Currently, there are 200 different names for it when listening on ingredients. Heartless man. If this happening to human, we would not tolerate such hideous crime. An orange life is no less precious than our kind. In fact, it’s more precious since there is not so many around anymore.

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