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Hayat Ali I never said anything about fasting right or wrong you moron. I just said that they told me they fast for 30 days. Fasting means you don’t eat, but they eat! A 30 day fast means not eating for 30 days! I never mentioned anything about Muslims not really being Muslim. You are just an idiot. Hayat Ali And you say that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are especially moral. You are just the person I’ve seen in a long time. You must be a teenager. Auntitude what is auntitude you shirt Nyasia Camara That’s fine. I just posted that they said that and I found out they actually ate quite a lot during the night and was surprised by that. I never said if I thought that was good or bad. People just filled in the blanks with negativity. Everyone else just gets all bent out of shape as if I’m dissing Islam, Ramadan or their traditions and putting words in my mouth. Personally I would never say that I’m fasting this week or month if I was eating at night. It seems deceptive, but that’s just me.

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Holy enough to pray for you hood enough to swing on you SweaterHoly enough to pray for you hood enough to swing on you HoodieSean Bradrick I said Judaism and Christianity and Islam it is because I know the most about them and couldn’t speak for other religions because I don’t know yet about other religions fasting! Check again what u wrote about the way muslims fast that’s not really fasting? Spreading hate happens all the time, but to spread things and write things that u don’t even know what u r babbling about is above spreading only hate. Hayat Ali I posted that my Muslim friends told me they were fasting for 30 days. II found out they eat at night and fast during the day. I was surprised. I never said it was good or not good…I never said it was improper. I never said if it was for or against Ramada rules and I really don’t care. No I have a Muslim blaming me for spreading hate. This is a huge problem in our world…pissing of Muslims who are hyper-sensitive about anything and everything.

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