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We are sorry too. Am not supporting him but my point is you hardly see leaders that admit thay they are wrong sadly need money. And he had both money and famous last name. And the looks. Yup. The electorate is very shallow here. nope, he admitted it because he got caught. 3rd major scandal in 5 years. And as usual he apologized after being caught after denying all first. he suggested it would have been racist for us to close the borders back in Feb/March even though other leaders had already started closing their borders. Putting country first is a new concept for him.

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But he has nice hair. SMH no that would be my provincial UCP party. They make Trudeau’s gaffes look quaint. Although, he didn’t really admit it. He sidestepped it. Also, he is the PM, he should know better got no problem with our UCP sure a hell of a lot better than the previous gov’tI wish we could send it to you but you have to know it’s a high maintenance queen, cost a lot of billions. Really? Whatever could have put the idea into the Prime Minister’s head that “joining in talks for giving a government contract to a charity that paid his family” would ever be a “mistake”?