Black kings are born in November shirt

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I would like to share a little bit of history, some might know who this man ang some might not. This is what we miss in school. Real black history Dr.Vivien Thomas born in 1910 in Nashville Tennessee he always wanted to be a doctor due to some bad things that happened all his college money was taken due to a bank that failed but that didn’t stop him he worked as a janitor then work his way up to be a assistant to one of the world’s best surgeon’s at that time Dr.Blaylock which they worked together on numerous procedures one which made them famous the baby with a blue heart the first black man to perform open heart surgery with out a degree dr. Blaylock couldn’t do anything with out his smart African American assistant through all this dr.thomas was never recognized until the passing of his long time friend. Not until then did he get his degree. Dr Thomas passed in November of 1985 something to be proud of we are founders of everything learn who you are stop the killing of our kings and live another day God bless.

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