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As Favreau explained, Lucas was the first to have digital photography, he was the first to make CG characters completely. The whole concept of not even having a printout (the movie’s version), having everything as 0, and 1, is all George. Palestinians: The crew is building on the digital foundation that Lucas founded. Of course, the prequel trilogy of Star Wars has special effects, especially the old heaven, but Favreau still doesn’t have to worry. Vampires were born 20 years ago. Digital film making has come a long way since then.

In terms of Palestinians The content of Favreau will start from 1977. Favreau didn just need to paint mainly on Star Wars: Episode IV – A new hope, the first Star Wars movie, when created Palestinians. He was largely inspired by the first third of the film. What is it like on Tatooine? What happened in that cantina? That has fascinated me since I was a child, Favreau said.